Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sport works Miracles

In her address to the English people on the occasion of the New Year, Queen Elizabeth highlighted the importance of sport. She urged them to give due care to sport since it has tangibly great benefits.
       Sport is part of every culture past and present. It has become a distinctive feature of developed nations. The more citizens practice sport, the more civilized the country is. Such countries have become fully aware of the sport’s great benefits:
·      Playing sport offers kids more than just physical benefits; sports typically help kids academically and socially as well.
·      People involved in sports are less likely to take drugs or smoke as they realize the devastating impact of such destructive activities.
·      Physical activities are a good way to alleviate depression and stress. Sport teaches participants that sometimes they win and other times they lose. It helps them to know how to deal with disappointment and benefit from failure and consider it as the first step to success.
         Throughout the modern history, sport has been performing incredible miracles:  At the turn of the nineteenth century, the European society was strict and rigid. It did little to inspire or engage women in the world around them. Women’s participation in the society’s activities had been taboo. However; sport managed to free women from the cuffs of discrimination.  Thanks to sport, women are no longer looked down upon or be littled .Today, women have access to almost all sports and professions.
           It’s true that the blacks suffered a great deal of discrimination in most parts of the world (The USA – South Africa). They were marginalized and excluded in an unfair way. They were deprived from   many intrinsic human rights. Nowadays, the most prominent figures in the sport world are blacks (Sirina Williams and her sister in tennis and Etto in football). The blacks, indeed, owe too much to sport.
        Everyone knows about the amount of hatred between the USA and Iran. Since the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, the USA and Iran had no diplomatic relations and relations had been (continued to be) tense. Nonetheless, sport invited both the Americans and Iranians to shake hands in the 1998 Football World Cup competitions. The two teams developed a strong sense of sportsmanship and fair play. Actually, sport did better than politics.
           Since the American invasion, nothing is louder than bombs, blood shedding or interfaith clashes in Iraq. All of a sudden, the Iraqi streets were buzzing with all Iraqis, Sunis , Shias, Christians and Kurds, celebrating the victory of the 2007 football Asian Cup. Only Sport did unite them and made them forget about their disputes.
             It’s sport that has directed the globe’s attention towards a tiny spot on the world map, Qatar, when being declared the host of the 2022 football world cup.
              Sport has always been a useful tool for people to achieve eminent goals and develop a long series of basic human values (freedom, tolerance, co-operation, and respect….etc).sport’s importance to humanity is undeniable.

 Medhat Hamdy

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