Saturday, January 22, 2011

Short story

Lame Justice
By: Abdallh Saed
2032 October
          The judge stands with sharp eyes, and with loud voice. The audiences – thousands of people – are looking at this trial, some with desperate looks and others with hope. It is the promised day! The defendant stands alone, two guards behind him and two in front of his head. He’s looking down to ground, but hidden smiling lips, no one could ever notice, showed up. A flash back has appeared into his head:
2029 October, 2:00 after midnight
        (A): “No one of you moves!” Three victims were tied in an unknown basement, unknown city. The victims included a doctor, a student and an engineer, and they were carefully selected. A knife was few meters away from them, and it was placed there intentionally. Few meters away, there was a room included 20 persons from different social levels .ALL OF THEM WERE DEAD BY THAT TIME. So no one was left except those three.
        (A) Walked near them, he was smiling weirdly, with blood covering all over his clothes. The three victims were terrified, they were trembling with fear. All of them were thinking: what would our destiny be? The doctor was looking at the knife which was few meters away from his legs. He knew that it was the only way for them to survive. (A) left them there and went to a place no one could have known about and shouted loudly “REMEMBER THE PROMISE ”
            The doctor seized the opportunity and crawled trying to reach the knife. It wasn’t that easy but he was trying so hard. It was the only way to save the three souls .He was wounded but that didn’t stop him. Ultimately, he reached it .The doctor held the knife with his mouth, and then tried to get back to his original position. He passed the knife to the student, he tried to cut the rope, and after few attempts, he finally made it. The rope was cut.
               They were afraid that (A) might have come back but (A) wasn’t meant to appear .The other two victims were freed eventually, but the doctor noticed something; a weird thing! There were inscriptions on the knife. He read it to the other two: “you were lucky to get out of here, long live and prosper” It was so weird but that didn’t matter at that time
                The three managed to get out of there, and they gave the knife to the police. But the graveyard was filled with scattered dead bodies which (A) put an end to their lives all. It was one of the history’s most brutal massacres; truly deadly slayer actions. For months, no one could’ve captured him, but a knife covered with blood, inscriptions and three smart witnesses had been existed. The whole world wanted to know who the murder had been, and the police didn’t make them wait longer.
IT’S 2030:
              (A) WAS FINALLY Brought to Justice. The officer shouted at him saying: “WHY, WHY DID YOU KILL THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE, THEY HAD FAMILIES, THEY HAD CHILDREN, ARE YOU CRAZY?” “Tell me why?”"TO BE REMEMBERED IN HISTORY” (A) replied confidently. As soon as (A) was sentenced to death, people shouted cheerfully: LONG LIVE JUSTICE, LONG LIVE JUSTICE …!
                      Few months later, it has appeared that the twenty victims, who were slain, were all criminals and gang members... It was a hell of a weird crime, but is it really worthy to be called a crime? Communities will always contain strange people, and stories should always be told..!NEVER BE HIDDEN...

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