Thursday, January 27, 2011

Salah El-Deen Blog

Mr.Mahmoud Taleb

WELCOME TO Salah El-Deen  blog

Salah El-Deen High School Journalism Team

The bloggers…..Who?
        · We are Salah el –Deen high school journalism team
        · The team mainly comprises ten students guided by two teachers, Mr. Medhat Hamdy and Mr. Ahmed Abd el-salam
        · Our journalism team is supervised by a professional journalist, Mr.Lafe Al Shamari, in a national newspaper,Al Jarida.
        · The Salah el – Deen journalism team is fully supported by MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative), and IEARN (International Education and Resources Network in co operation with the Ministry of Education in Kuwait.
        · Salah el-Deen has been selected as one of the five schools from Kuwait to be a constituent of one year High school Journalism Education Program.  
        · We’ve been in touch with the General coordinator of IEARN in Kuwait, Miss Amal Alrandi, a Kuwaiti writer in Al Ray Al am newspaper.
The Salah el-deen Blog ……why?
        ·  The blog is a useful tool to report on important issues that relate to the school and our community.
        ·  It’s an online oasis for the students to express their opinions freely.
        · The blog is of great importance for students to discover and best exploit their skills.
        ·  Not only does the blog provide information to the student body, but it also gives students experience in writing and publishing.
        · Moreover, the blog utilizes the already- existed technical potentials the students enjoy.
        · It is not negotiable that the blog will help students learn about journalism and the role of journalists in blogs.
        · Currently, our short term goal is to issue an online journal; however, the sky’s the limit for our ambitions.
        · The bloggers are still undergoing tremendous changes. This beta version aimed at giving you a feel of what we’re going to have later.
        · Your participation, share and, more important, feedback do mean a lot for us. Please let us know what you think. Let’s connect to each other.

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