Friday, April 1, 2011

Welcome I Earn-USA

Director of Membership and Youth
Media Program visits Salah El-Deen

Director of Membership and Youth Media Program with the journalism team

Thursday, 31st March, 2011
    Mrs. Anindata Dutta, Director of Membership and Youth Media Program pays a short visit to Salah El-Deen Secondary school at 11.30 a.m. This unprecedented visit comes in the context of following the implementation and progress of The High School Journalism Program in Kuwait which is fully sponsored by I Earn-USA.
    Mrs. Anindata, accompanied by the General co-coordinator of the program in Kuwait, Miss Amal Al-Randy, met the school principal, Mr. Mahmoud Faraj, who warmly welcomed their coming hoping all the success of the program.
     The visitors held a meeting with Salah El-Deen journalism team headed by both Mr. Medhat Hamdy and Mr. Ahmed Mohammed. The Visitors got acquainted with the students. I Earn-USA’s official had a look at the file prepared by the journalism team which documents the team’s works. Then, Mrs. Anindata had a brief talk with the students demonstrating the prospects and the ultimate goal of the project. Also, she listened attentively to the queries and challenges expressed by the journalism team. After that, the guests had a glimpse at the blog issued by Salah Al-Deen Journalism team. Finally, the attendance had photos. Mrs. Anindata and Miss Amal Al-Randy said good bye wishing the best of luck for Salah Al-Deen generally and the Journalism team specifically.    

Salah El-Deen honors top students

The school principal with one of the top students
Wednesday, 30th March, 2011
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     Salah El-Deen honored its academic best March. 30. The honoring ceremony was held at the school yard. A total of 38 students from Grades 10, 11 and 12 classes were honored for achieving an average of 90 per cent or better.  
     The honoring ceremony started with reciting the Holy Quran, saluting the flag and a brief opening address by Mr. Mahmoud Faraj, the school principal, in which he congratulated the students on their academic success and wished good luck for the others. The celebration which lasted for more than two hours included knock out and sporting competitions

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Salah El-Deen Blog

Mr.Mahmoud Taleb

WELCOME TO Salah El-Deen  blog

Salah El-Deen High School Journalism Team

The bloggers…..Who?
        · We are Salah el –Deen high school journalism team
        · The team mainly comprises ten students guided by two teachers, Mr. Medhat Hamdy and Mr. Ahmed Abd el-salam
        · Our journalism team is supervised by a professional journalist, Mr.Lafe Al Shamari, in a national newspaper,Al Jarida.
        · The Salah el – Deen journalism team is fully supported by MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative), and IEARN (International Education and Resources Network in co operation with the Ministry of Education in Kuwait.
        · Salah el-Deen has been selected as one of the five schools from Kuwait to be a constituent of one year High school Journalism Education Program.  
        · We’ve been in touch with the General coordinator of IEARN in Kuwait, Miss Amal Alrandi, a Kuwaiti writer in Al Ray Al am newspaper.
The Salah el-deen Blog ……why?
        ·  The blog is a useful tool to report on important issues that relate to the school and our community.
        ·  It’s an online oasis for the students to express their opinions freely.
        · The blog is of great importance for students to discover and best exploit their skills.
        ·  Not only does the blog provide information to the student body, but it also gives students experience in writing and publishing.
        · Moreover, the blog utilizes the already- existed technical potentials the students enjoy.
        · It is not negotiable that the blog will help students learn about journalism and the role of journalists in blogs.
        · Currently, our short term goal is to issue an online journal; however, the sky’s the limit for our ambitions.
        · The bloggers are still undergoing tremendous changes. This beta version aimed at giving you a feel of what we’re going to have later.
        · Your participation, share and, more important, feedback do mean a lot for us. Please let us know what you think. Let’s connect to each other.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


A Step Forward
Mr. Mohamed Akbar
     Mr. Mohamed Akbar, the Biology senior teacher, has passed the supervision interview, and he has been accepted as a supervisor.
   In order to be promoted as a supervisor, Mr. Mohamed had to sit for a written test which he passed with flying colours on December 7, 2010. After that, he was invited for an interview on January 16, 2011. As soon as he was notified of being accepted as a supervisor he flet anxious and expressed complete relief “Thank God, this is the result of hard work. I dedicate this promotion to my family and all my friends and colleagues who gave me a hand” commented Mr. Mohamed.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Kuwait Disabled Sport Club
    Kuwait disabled sports club was founded upon a sublime initiative from His Highness, Sheik Jabber Al-Ahmad Al-Subah with the aim of integrating disabled individuals in the society through social cultural and sports activities.

Mr. Medhat with the General manager of the club, Mr. Shafi Al-Hajri
Salah El-Deen journalism team visited the club and had an interview with the General Manager, Mr. Shafi Al-Hajri
Q: We would like you to give us an idea about the building.
Well, the club occupies an area of 27,000sqm and lies in Hawalli. The building is one of the most modern foundations for disabled sports at the international level. It is divided in a way that members can move easily. The club is equipped with the latest sports materials. It contains the following:
-          Administration and secretariat offices
-          The medical ward which contains the physician’s room and the physiotherapy room
-          Multipurpose hall which contains a basketball court, a bocce court, a table tennis hall, a power lifting hall, a fencing hall and a speedball hall
-          An internal swimming pool of 25m long
-          An out-track of 200 m length
-          The headquarters building which contains a hall for social games, the mosque, the workshop of artistic education, the library, the cafeteria, the meeting room.

Q:  Is there any plan for expansion or having new branches in other governorates?
There have been suggestions about that but still we need some time to consider the ideas.
Q: What are the membership requirements and how many members do you have?
    Well, the club was mainly founded to serve disabled individuals. We require a medical report from a governmental hospital and the age of the applicant must be 18 or above. The same conditions applied to Kuwaiti’s and non-Kuwaiti. We have more than 2700 members now.
Q: What facilities does the club offer to the members?
Well, the club offers many services to the members:
-  Providing transportation from and to the club for the member
- Following up and observing the regulations and rules of the disabled
- Free staying in special wards in hospitals
- Participating in training courses
-  Workshops for repairing artificial extremities

Q: Does the club compete in international competitions?
Sure, we take part in the Gulf, Arab, Asian and even international competitions. We are now getting ready for 2012 Paralympics in London.

Q: What are your most important sports achievements?
In Athens Paralympics 2004, two of the club’s members, Hamad ASl-Oudwani and Maha Al-Shrean  had a new world record   in throwing the discus. We also were awarded gold medals in many occasions.

At the end, we would like to express our gratitude for your hospitality and the information you provided us with.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Kuwait Towers
Introduction   :
                Kuwait towers are located on the Arabian Gulf in the area of sharq. Kuwait Towers are one of the main tourist attractions in the State of Kuwait. The towers were designed by a Swedish company and executed by a Yugoslav company. They were built in 1975 and inaugurated in 1979. The plates that cover the balls are fifty five thousand in number. They are made of Chinese steel painted in eight different colors.                                                                               
The Towers:
Main Tower:
           It is 187 meter above sea level and comprises two balls. The ground floor comprises the external applications and the training room.

Middle Tower:
           It is 147 meter above sea level .Mainly, the main tower functions as a water tank with a capacity of one million gallons. It’s considered a starting point for visiting the two towers and the surrounding area
Small Tower
          It is113 meter above sea level. Controls the power that lights the two other towers

Ofok Restaurant
           It is 82 meter above sea level. Breakfast buffet is served from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. for ladies only, except Fridays and official holidays. Family breakfast buffet and lunch buffet are opened from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Dinner buffet is available from 19:30 p.m. to 23:30 p.m. for families. The menu is regularly changed every day.
Al Juone Cafeteria
          It’s an open-air cafeteria between the 3 towers. It serves cold and warm snacks
Al Waha:
          It’s a recreation area for enjoying the sunset on the Arabian Gulf.  It’s79 meter above sea level. It serves refreshments and snacks
 Royal CafĂ©:
        It’s the finest room in terms of service and other Furnishings. For the reception of high ranking officials, Royal Cafe serves warm and cold snacks and refreshments of high quality
Viewing sphere:
         It’s open on Weekends from 9:00 am to 23:00 am. It is divided into two parts. The first part is 120 meters in height. It makes full rotation every half an hour. There are Gift Shop, Cafeteria, Snacks and refreshments. Telescopes are installed for viewing the area surrounding the towers.
Other services:
Training Rooms:     This service has been recently introduced. Kuwait Towers are currently one of the most renowned places for booking training rooms. They provide the latest required equipment. There are day and evening sessions

Short story

Lame Justice
By: Abdallh Saed
2032 October
          The judge stands with sharp eyes, and with loud voice. The audiences – thousands of people – are looking at this trial, some with desperate looks and others with hope. It is the promised day! The defendant stands alone, two guards behind him and two in front of his head. He’s looking down to ground, but hidden smiling lips, no one could ever notice, showed up. A flash back has appeared into his head:
2029 October, 2:00 after midnight
        (A): “No one of you moves!” Three victims were tied in an unknown basement, unknown city. The victims included a doctor, a student and an engineer, and they were carefully selected. A knife was few meters away from them, and it was placed there intentionally. Few meters away, there was a room included 20 persons from different social levels .ALL OF THEM WERE DEAD BY THAT TIME. So no one was left except those three.
        (A) Walked near them, he was smiling weirdly, with blood covering all over his clothes. The three victims were terrified, they were trembling with fear. All of them were thinking: what would our destiny be? The doctor was looking at the knife which was few meters away from his legs. He knew that it was the only way for them to survive. (A) left them there and went to a place no one could have known about and shouted loudly “REMEMBER THE PROMISE ”
            The doctor seized the opportunity and crawled trying to reach the knife. It wasn’t that easy but he was trying so hard. It was the only way to save the three souls .He was wounded but that didn’t stop him. Ultimately, he reached it .The doctor held the knife with his mouth, and then tried to get back to his original position. He passed the knife to the student, he tried to cut the rope, and after few attempts, he finally made it. The rope was cut.
               They were afraid that (A) might have come back but (A) wasn’t meant to appear .The other two victims were freed eventually, but the doctor noticed something; a weird thing! There were inscriptions on the knife. He read it to the other two: “you were lucky to get out of here, long live and prosper” It was so weird but that didn’t matter at that time
                The three managed to get out of there, and they gave the knife to the police. But the graveyard was filled with scattered dead bodies which (A) put an end to their lives all. It was one of the history’s most brutal massacres; truly deadly slayer actions. For months, no one could’ve captured him, but a knife covered with blood, inscriptions and three smart witnesses had been existed. The whole world wanted to know who the murder had been, and the police didn’t make them wait longer.
IT’S 2030:
              (A) WAS FINALLY Brought to Justice. The officer shouted at him saying: “WHY, WHY DID YOU KILL THOSE INNOCENT PEOPLE, THEY HAD FAMILIES, THEY HAD CHILDREN, ARE YOU CRAZY?” “Tell me why?”"TO BE REMEMBERED IN HISTORY” (A) replied confidently. As soon as (A) was sentenced to death, people shouted cheerfully: LONG LIVE JUSTICE, LONG LIVE JUSTICE …!
                      Few months later, it has appeared that the twenty victims, who were slain, were all criminals and gang members... It was a hell of a weird crime, but is it really worthy to be called a crime? Communities will always contain strange people, and stories should always be told..!NEVER BE HIDDEN...