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Kuwait Disabled Sport Club
    Kuwait disabled sports club was founded upon a sublime initiative from His Highness, Sheik Jabber Al-Ahmad Al-Subah with the aim of integrating disabled individuals in the society through social cultural and sports activities.

Mr. Medhat with the General manager of the club, Mr. Shafi Al-Hajri
Salah El-Deen journalism team visited the club and had an interview with the General Manager, Mr. Shafi Al-Hajri
Q: We would like you to give us an idea about the building.
Well, the club occupies an area of 27,000sqm and lies in Hawalli. The building is one of the most modern foundations for disabled sports at the international level. It is divided in a way that members can move easily. The club is equipped with the latest sports materials. It contains the following:
-          Administration and secretariat offices
-          The medical ward which contains the physician’s room and the physiotherapy room
-          Multipurpose hall which contains a basketball court, a bocce court, a table tennis hall, a power lifting hall, a fencing hall and a speedball hall
-          An internal swimming pool of 25m long
-          An out-track of 200 m length
-          The headquarters building which contains a hall for social games, the mosque, the workshop of artistic education, the library, the cafeteria, the meeting room.

Q:  Is there any plan for expansion or having new branches in other governorates?
There have been suggestions about that but still we need some time to consider the ideas.
Q: What are the membership requirements and how many members do you have?
    Well, the club was mainly founded to serve disabled individuals. We require a medical report from a governmental hospital and the age of the applicant must be 18 or above. The same conditions applied to Kuwaiti’s and non-Kuwaiti. We have more than 2700 members now.
Q: What facilities does the club offer to the members?
Well, the club offers many services to the members:
-  Providing transportation from and to the club for the member
- Following up and observing the regulations and rules of the disabled
- Free staying in special wards in hospitals
- Participating in training courses
-  Workshops for repairing artificial extremities

Q: Does the club compete in international competitions?
Sure, we take part in the Gulf, Arab, Asian and even international competitions. We are now getting ready for 2012 Paralympics in London.

Q: What are your most important sports achievements?
In Athens Paralympics 2004, two of the club’s members, Hamad ASl-Oudwani and Maha Al-Shrean  had a new world record   in throwing the discus. We also were awarded gold medals in many occasions.

At the end, we would like to express our gratitude for your hospitality and the information you provided us with.

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