Saturday, January 22, 2011

Salah El-Deen visits the french cultural centre in Kuwait

Mr. Farouq and the students in the French centre library
        The French department in the school visited the French cultural centre in Kuwait Tuesday December 12, 2010. The manager of the centre received and welcomed the group.
           The visit was planned for and organized by Mr. Farouq. It aimed at introducing the students to the French culture and the educational services the centre offers and enhancing pupils’ intercultural awareness. The visit started with a brief speech by the manager followed by a guided tour to the sections of the center; most importantly, the library which comprises a lot of books for famous French writers and special corner for video, audio CD’s and DVD’S.  After that the students were shown a 90- minute film about France. “It’s been a good chance for us to know more about France” one of the students said. At the end of the visit, the manger of the centre promised more cooperation between the centre and Salah El- Deen Sec. School.

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