Saturday, January 22, 2011

Smoothly, Exams start

Salah Al-Deen: January, 9th 2011
On Sunday at sharp 8 a.m., the wheels of examinations set in motion. Students of both grade 10 and grade 11 took their first exam without problems.
             Grade 10 had physics while grade 11 had Biology. To 10th students relief, “physics has been a piece of cake”, commented cheerfully Hussein Ahmed, a 10th grade student. This has been confirmed by the Physics senior teacher, Mr. Hassan Attya, Who said that the exam questions have been within the average –level students. He elaborated that the questions had been direct and clear, and they test the text book information.
              As for grade 11, Students’ views differ slightly. While as the majority of students expressed their satisfaction, some students complained about what they’ve called “challenging questions”. Describing the exam as “balanced”, the senior teacher, Mr. Mohammed Akbr, explained that “It has been neither challenging nor easy”.
             “No single cheating, misbehavior or absence case has been reported” the vice-principal  ,Mr. Bou Abbas, answered when we asked him about how the first day of the examinations was.

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