Saturday, January 22, 2011

Salah El- Deen Readies for the Second-Period Exam

Salah Al-Deen: January, 6th 2011
         In preparation to the second period exams, Salah Al-Deen secondary school held a meeting to discuss some issues related to the mechanism of examinations and proctoring. 
         The vice-principal, Mr. Bader Bou Abbas, headed the meeting. The administrative and the teaching staff have attended the meeting which was held at the school theatre hall at 9 o’clock a.m. Mr. Bou Abbas emphasized the importance of ensuring a relaxing atmosphere to the students during exams “Both students and their families experience a great deal of stress during exams” explained Mr. Bou Abbas. He also gave some instructions concerning the duties and responsibilities of each post.
         Six senior teachers were appointed to administer the exams; Mr.,Mohamed Suliman and Mr.Abd Alhameed Basha for grade 10, Mr.Mohamed Akbar, and Mr.Yasser Atteya for Grade 11 and Mr.Hassan Atteya and Mr. Abd El aal for Grade 12.
         At the end of the meeting, the vice-principal hoped that everyone would effectively shoulder their responsibilities “We should co-operate sincerely in order to pass the phase of examinations successfully” said the assistant manager. Then, the six senior teachers, appointed to administer exams, asked for separate meetings with the teachers who’re going to proctor the exams so as to settle appropriate mechanism for the exam and proctoring. Finally, the vice-principal thanked the attendance, hoping the best of luck for all. 

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